Marie Gutbub

e-mail: marie[dot]gutbub[at]systemli[dot]org

PGP: 4C5980F4BB86A00A
PGP-Fingerprint: 34AE BF1A 03EC D10A 0432 5147 4C59 80F4 BB86 A00A

Main OTR fingerprint: 9099 A17A 1E32 8D09 B45C C68E 6503 1CBB 18EA DAAE

I am @shiromarieke on Twitter.

And ricochet:mkxjtfwm3y5lpbf4 on Ricochet.

You can contact me in French, English, German or Dutch.

Here's my CV.

Please do not invite me to speak at your conference "because we need more diversity". If you invite me, do it for content reasons. Not for gender reasons.



Past projects

Some of my talks & workshops



Feel free to print your own! (Since too many people have been asking for it I can't afford sending stickers anymore for time/money reasons.)